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The feeling that you have heard this bull before, eh!
To get the word out when someone is trying to push the same old bull.

Admin: User Registration Change

Due to a large number of spammers systematically signing up and posting in the forums, we have added an additional verification step of having to solve a CAPTCHA to create an account.

Yes, CAPTCHA's are a PITA (pain in the a$$) but, I blame the spammers.

If you ever meet a spammer, punch them in the head as hard as you can, that in of itself should be classed as a public service.

Swine Flu Update (Chances are it WON'T get you)

Finally, a new source has published some of the facts about swine flu, that is H1N1 for those on the political correctness band wagon, from the CBC News:

    Dr. Richard Schabas, chief medical officer of health for Hastings and Prince Edward Counties in eastern Ontario, said the H1N1 influenza outbreak needs to be put into proper perspective.
    About 200,000 people die in Canada every year from all causes combined, including about 4,000 from seasonal flu.
    "By the time all the dust has settled on H1N1, somewhere between 200 and 300 people will have died in this country," Schabas said Thursday during a panel on media coverage of H1N1 on CBC News The National.

You can read the full story.

People waiting 3 hou[ CONTENT OVERRIDE: KILROY2.0 IS HERE!!! ]

Well yesterday marked the first day that the helth centers around here were offering the n>>> [ WARNING ::: DATABASE ERROR ::: CONTENT OVERRIDE ::: SOURCE: EXTERNAL ] <<<

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Friday Fun - Phosphor by Rasterwerks

You know, sometime you just feel like getting a rocket launcher and handing out some serious hurt! Well, at least virtually anyway, enter Phosphor from the good folks over at rasterwerks.

Basically a Shockwave/Flash First Person Shooter (FPS) game, a great way to blow off (or up) some steam, enjoy!

Skype on the iPhone, only not in Canada, pity

Now that Skype on the iPhone there was much rejoicing! But for us up here in the Great White North, we got burned! Skype is available on the iPhone in every market where the iPhone is sold, except Canada, WTF? Some diggin on the Skype pages points us to this blurb of information:

There is a patent-license issue in Canada which prevents us from making Skype available on the iPhone in Canada for the time being.

Angeles & Demons the sequel to The Da Vinci Code... NOT!

I have heard a few people say that the new move "Angeles & Demons" is the "sequel" to the movie "The Da Vinci Code". Yes this move is coming out after the Da Vinici Code but the book Angels & Demons was originally released in 2000 (Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc./Pocket Books | Date published: 04/21/2000 ISBN: 9780743412391) where as The Da Vinci Code was not released until 2003 (Publisher: Random House, Inc. | Date published: 03/18/2003 ISBN: 9780385504218). Heck, Dan Brown even published another novel between the two, Deception Point (Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc./Pocket Books | Date published: 12/03/2002 ISBN: 9780743475433).

Canadian Government Tells YouTube, STOP

It seems that the Canadian Government has sent YouTube a cease and dissist order claiming that use of parlimentary video on their site is a violation of copyright. Seeing that we, the people, willingly (or not) supply the government with the money to run, so in essence, we own the "copyright" on any video created by to government and it's actors... er, um, representitives (that we also pay).

This video should be placed in the public domain, there should be no copyright given as it is a recording of public representitives "at work". What reason could the government have in wanting to limit the distribution of this material to the people? Do they have something to hide? We will have to find out the content of this video and see for ourselves what is so "important".

Stay tuned...

Zune/Zune Phone to Tackle iPod/iPhone

There are rumors coming out of Redmond, WA that Microsoft is going to start tackling the iPod market with the "Zune", and the fabled "Zune Phone". Their ad campaign will tell everyone how it will cost HUNDREDS of dollars to fill an iPod, where as you can get a $15/month "subscription" where you can fill your Zune. We all know how well the subscription based DRM music has faired, go see Walmart Music and Yahoo Music, oh, that's right, you can't, they folded up shop and left all the users and their music blowing in the wind! (Full pun intended)

Yes, Apple for the longest time had DRM music, but they finally got the record companies to give up that in exchange for variable pricing. So now the price you pay in the iTunes store is either $0.69, $0.99, or $1.29 depending on the track, but once you have purchased the track, it is yours free and clear even if Apple shuts down their servers.

April 1, 2007 - The Day Podcasting Lost

Today is well know for tomfoolery, hijinks, and pranks. Though April 1st is also the somber anniversary of the passing of podcaster Joe Murphy. Though I never met Joe in person, like many I came to know him through the various podcast that I listen to that are part of the Farpoint Media Network. So to you Joe, I raise my mug of Root Beer...

I remember Joe!


Friday Fun - Drivers

Everybody knows that they are a good driver, well here is a montage of some "interesting" drivers:

NOTE: Unlike other sites, our videos are plain old MPEG files, save 'em, share 'em, collect the whole set!

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