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The feeling that you have heard this bull before, eh!
To get the word out when someone is trying to push the same old bull.

The US Bailout Package to hit $1 Trillion Dollars

I was watching the Daily Show last night and Jon's Guest was John Sununu, a former Republican (GOP) United States Senator from New Hampshire, he was also a member of the TARP oversight committee. He stated that the US bailout package will hit $1 Trillion Dollars. 1 trillion, that is 1,000,000,000,000 (a million million), most people don't understand numbers that big as most things in life do not require dealing with such large quantities.

If you take a single 1 dollar bill (US) is is roughly 6 inches in length (a little more I know), is you took 1 trillion dollar bils and laid them end to end, you would have a line 94,696,969.7 miles (152,400,000 Km) long. That is a line long enough to circle the Earth a little over 3,806 times! Heck, that is a line almost 400 times the distance from the Earth to the Moon and politicians throw "trillion" around like it is nothing!

Grammys?! They should call it the "Rappies"

Award shows are bad enough, a bunch of industry people getting together to give others recognition, and they televise it. Where are the "Plumber Awards" or the "Welder Awards", you will NEVER see that on television! Just a bunch of over hyped mediocre music, over half of the "live" performances included some rapper. I'm glad Sir Paul has the brights to say, "No, I'm good" to that.

...and what is up with almost every catagory having something to do with a rap song? Hip-hop, R&B, Soul, and on top of it all there is a Rap catagory. Maybe it is just me but 70% of the songs in these catagories sound the same.

I am really glad I recorded it on the PVR and fast forwarded through a the crap (yes there is a "C" at the front of that rap).

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Friday Fun - What's For Dinner

Todays dinner special at the Yorkton Hotel (Saskatchewan, Canada):

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What Ever Happened To Global Warming?

Have you noticed that you never hear the term "Global Warming" in main stream media any longer? Seems that "the word" has come down to no longer use this term, they all call it "Climate Change" now. What happened? The media has been relaying the "Global Warming" doom and gloom message since the 70's, now they never mention it.

It is all "Climate Change" now since scientists determined that the overall climate on the Earth is actually cooling and not getting warmer! Heck even the UN's IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change - note no "Global Warming" in that name either) report shows that things are actually getting cooler overall.

From the Office of the President Elect... WTF?!

I just walked by a TV tuned in to CNN and Barack Obama was talking about the economy and I noticed the "name" on his podium/lectern; "The Office of the President Elect". I am no US political expert but I am fairly sure that there is no such office. Yes, he has been elected, and when he is inaugurated in January he will be the POTUS (President of The Unites States), but until that time, he is still a senator.

It is a great media tool, but that is all that it is. I am going out to make my cube a sign, some cards, and maybe even some stationary: "From the desk of the Future Emperor of the Galaxy".

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Friday Fun - Virtual Bubble Wrap

Everybody has sat a popped the bubbles in a piece of bubble wrap, it is great fun, but as all good things, you do run out of bubble wrap eventually. To solve this problem, here is some virtual bubble wrap for you to pop!

Virtual Bubble Wrap

What airport security measure do you hate?

Take shoes off
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100 ml restriction
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Turn your laptop on
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Is that a real camera?
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Total votes: 2

"Keep them on the line while we trace the call"

This is one of those lines that always causes me to roll my eyes when I hear it on a television show or in a movie. It is one of those things that most people like to call "plotonium," (something put into help the writers plot develop). In "the old days" yes it used to take a while to trace a phone call as a person would have to go look at the switches in the central office to determine where the call was coming from. I saw one of the old electro-mechanical phone switches at our local telephone musum, probably the only place you will find one anymore.

In the modern age, almost all of the telephone network in the world is all digital, when a call arrives at your phone it also carries all the source and destination information, there is this thing called "caller ID" you may have heard of it. Caller ID is spoof-able to the end user but the minute you place a call on the public network the phone companies know what number you are calling from and where it is going.

VOIP systems are a little more complicated, like Skype, where you can call regular phones from any computer, but again, it is still 2 way communications, data has to get to and from the destination in real time, there is a solid defined route. This would take a little longer and with dynamic IP addresses, it would complicate it no question, but there will still be a very complete trail as to when and where the address was in use.

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