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The feeling that you have heard this bull before, eh!

Zune/Zune Phone to Tackle iPod/iPhone

There are rumors coming out of Redmond, WA that Microsoft is going to start tackling the iPod market with the "Zune", and the fabled "Zune Phone". Their ad campaign will tell everyone how it will cost HUNDREDS of dollars to fill an iPod, where as you can get a $15/month "subscription" where you can fill your Zune. We all know how well the subscription based DRM music has faired, go see Walmart Music and Yahoo Music, oh, that's right, you can't, they folded up shop and left all the users and their music blowing in the wind! (Full pun intended)

Yes, Apple for the longest time had DRM music, but they finally got the record companies to give up that in exchange for variable pricing. So now the price you pay in the iTunes store is either $0.69, $0.99, or $1.29 depending on the track, but once you have purchased the track, it is yours free and clear even if Apple shuts down their servers.

MS will tell you how much better the Zune is than the iPod, yes, on paper, and many people have said that the Zune reproduces music cleaner/better than the iPod, but Betamax was also a superior format to VHS, we all know how that battle turned out. When it comes to consumer electronics, most times it is not the technically superior product that wins, it is the better marketed product. Unfortunately, MS has never been a master marketing company.

There are also continuing rumors about the fabled "Zune Phone", what is it going to run, Windows Mobile? I know 1 person that has a Windows Mobile phone (only because the company pays for it), no consumer in their right mind runs Windows Mobile. I just don't see it being the next big thing, sorry.