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The feeling that you have heard this bull before, eh!

Angeles & Demons the sequel to The Da Vinci Code... NOT!

I have heard a few people say that the new move "Angeles & Demons" is the "sequel" to the movie "The Da Vinci Code". Yes this move is coming out after the Da Vinici Code but the book Angels & Demons was originally released in 2000 (Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc./Pocket Books | Date published: 04/21/2000 ISBN: 9780743412391) where as The Da Vinci Code was not released until 2003 (Publisher: Random House, Inc. | Date published: 03/18/2003 ISBN: 9780385504218). Heck, Dan Brown even published another novel between the two, Deception Point (Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc./Pocket Books | Date published: 12/03/2002 ISBN: 9780743475433).

Now if you look on your run of the mill, main stream site, they will show the "release date" of both The Da Vinci Code and Angeles & Demons to be 2006. This is the release date of that printing/revision, but not the original. I have run into this with other books, you'll see a book cover and have a look at it an go "hey, this sounds like a good book". Then you get it and start reading it and after a bit you go "Hey, I think I have read this before?!" Low an behold, the publisher has put out a new release with a different cover. I guess it is not a big deal for the casual reader, but when you read 2-3 books a month, you do lose track over time.