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The feeling that you have heard this bull before, eh!

Skype on the iPhone, only not in Canada, pity

Now that Skype on the iPhone there was much rejoicing! But for us up here in the Great White North, we got burned! Skype is available on the iPhone in every market where the iPhone is sold, except Canada, WTF? Some diggin on the Skype pages points us to this blurb of information:

There is a patent-license issue in Canada which prevents us from making Skype available on the iPhone in Canada for the time being.

From what I could find on the internet, which was nothing, no one seems to know what or who this patent/license issue pertains too, something to do with the CODEC used in Skype. Some people are blaming Rogers, but I don;t think it is them, true they are a Canadian Cell Phone provider, everyone knows they are crooks, but so is every other provider up here.

If it does have to do with the CODEC in Skype, my bet would have originally been Nortel, though eBay could buy up that intellectual property for next to nothing now a days since they are bankrupt.

Even so, all is not lost, you can get Skype on the iPhone in Canada if you really want to:

  1. Fire up iTunes
  2. Select the iTunes Store
  3. Make sure you log out of your account (click you account name in the upper right and select Sign Out from the dialog box)
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the iTunes store page and in the drop down select "US Store"
  5. In the iTunes search, look for the "Remote" application from Apple.
  6. Click on the "Get App" button.
  7. This is when you will be asked to create a new account:
    1. You need to provide a valid e-mail address (one different from your Canadian iTunes Store address).
    2. when you get to the payment type, select "None" (you have to pick a free app to see this option)
    3. Make up a US Address (Beverly Hills, 90210 is a favourite of mine).
    4. Complete the registration process
    5. You will have to wait now to receive your confirmation e-mail from Apple
    6. Once received, click on the link in the e-mail to verify your account.
  8. No you can search for the Skype for iPhone application (Or click the prior link to go there directly)
  9. Now instead of getting the "This application is not Available" message, you get the Skype application screen, click the Get App button.
  10. Wait for the application to download, then connect your iPhone and the application will be installed.
  11. Fire up Skype and fill in your login details.